Horseback Riding Lessons

Lesson Types

Group Lessons $30

horseback riding lessons
Group horseback riding lessons include up to five riders. In group riding lessons riders are able to benefit from instruction given to the class as a whole. Cooperative learning increases the skill level and knowledge of each individual.

Semi-Private Lessons $40

horse riding lessons
Semi-Private lessons are limited to two or three horseback riders. These smaller groups allow for more one on one attention to each rider, while still offering the benefits received through cooperative learning.

Private Lessons $50

horse riding lessons
Private lessons are the preferred method for those who are seriously pursuing higher levels of training. Private horseback riding lessons offer the greatest attention to details a rider needs to improve.



BEGINNER - Beginners start their horseback riding experience in private lessons. This one on one attention ensures they develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful horse rider.


INTERMEDIATE - Intermediate classes build upon the lessons learned in the beginner level. Intermediate riders will work on skills including balance, coordination, position and technique.


ADVANCED - The advanced level classes will hone in your riding skills to help make you competitive in the horse show arena. Advanced classes are offered in group lessons or private lessons to give you the attention you feel you need.